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Watch the video to find out why hitting someone with your car is WAY better than trying to meet your Right Person through online dating.
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Are you absolutely done forcing yourself to get on dating apps and being afraid that if you aren't on them you won't find your Right Person?

Does the thought of getting your hopes up again for another online“match” that turns out to be a lukewarm, uninspiring, one-sided text chat, make you wanna tear your hair out?

Would you do anything to never again have to swipe your way through a bunch of frowning faces and oiled up abs, looking for a needle in a haystack of weirdos?
Well, you are in the right place!
Introducing the Making Love Welcome™ Group Coaching Program
The Powerful, 6-Week Program to Finally Clear Your Blocks to Love
It can (and will) create breakthroughs in your Love Life, without having to swipe hundreds of online dating profiles, sit through a bunch of lukewarm dates or wait around passively hoping your Right Person will fall from the sky.

It's NOT the dating app you're using.

It is NOT about putting yourself out there more.

It's about making changes in your energy. 

Because you don't make love happen.

You make love welcome.
Here are just some of the things you get when you decide to invest in the Making Love Welcome™ Program:
Muscle Testing Video Tutorial: Learn how to test yourself so that you'll finally know exactly which love blocks you have.
6 Live Block Clearing Group Sessions: 
These powerful, energy healing sessions will help finally clear your love blocks for good.
Lifetime Replay Access:
Can't make the live clearing sessions? No problem. You will experience the same energy shifts from watching the replays.
Not To Mention These Bonus Goodies:
Releasing Fears & Doubts 

Binaural Beats Sleep Audio

When you've been heartbroken or disappointed, it's natural to have doubts about being able to have the kind of love you want. It's normal to be afraid that your Right Person may not be out there for you. This audio helps you release those fears and doubts, so that you will be less likely to engage in self-sabotage.
Ready for Love

Binaural Beats Sleep Audio

If you've never had the kind of love that you want, you may wonder deep down if you're ready for it. This audio helps you become more confident that you can attract and sustain a healthy, committed relationship with your Right Person.
Self Love

Binaural Beats Sleep Audio

We know that loving ourselves is what attracts love from others, but how do we love ourselves? This audio helps you love and accept yourself exactly as you are, which attracts a partner who loves and accepts you exactly as you are.
The Overnight Heartache Cure™ 
Heal the 5 Breakup wounds IN YOUR SLEEP - shame, anger, confusion, grief and fear - that keep you from being magnetic to new love (Value $199)
Already bought the Overnight Heartache Cure? Email us after you buy the Soul Love Method™ and we'll credit your purchase of the Overnight Heartache Cure toward your purchase of the Soul Love Method Course.
Who am I and how can I help you?
I'm Carisa and I help high-achieving, single women, 35+ attract their Right Person.
  • Almost 90% of my clients are in happy, committed relationships within 6 months of working together
  • I specialize in helping clients who consider themselves "tough cases"
  • Taught thousands of single women how to attract marriage-minded men and stop attracting commitment-phobes, sex buddies and guys who ghost
  • Had clients get asked on dates within 24 hours of working with me - after months (and sometimes YEARS) of not being asked out on any dates 
  • Degrees in Psychology + Counseling; Certified Energy Healer and 6th Generation Healer
  • Featured in Yahoo Finance, Mama Motivator, Full Circle Wellness, Single While Entrepreneuring, Single Mom Tribe, Attracting Love at 40 and Beyond and Finer Minds
You know what I hate? 

When people show their own success as a mark of how well they've done. 

You know what I love?

Real life CLIENT success stories and love notes. And I have a TON of them, like really. 

It warms my heart - EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

And NO, I did not pay these people to say all of these nice things about the work we did together to clear their love blocks.

While these ladies are lovely souls, they aren't a special type of human, they don't have any advantage over you, and their results can be yours...just like that.
By purchasing you agree to these terms and conditions.
By purchasing you agree to these terms and conditions.
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